Make money by collecting waste 

Convasti gives you the opportunity to work as much as you want, whenever you want. If you have a vehicle, you can easily register yourself as a driver and get info about jobs that are available in your area.

When you receive an email with a new assignment, you can just give your offer for free.  All drivers bid blindly and only once, without seeing what the others have offered. If you offer wins, you perform the job and get paid direcly from the customer.


Anyone can become a driver - easy and free

shutterstock 463926881Convasti is growing steadily and there are more jobs every week. You can earn additional income, as it suits you.  Our goal is to have enough workload so that you can earn a living driving for us. Let us give you the opportunity  to start your own business, no matter your background.

All you need is a car, perhaps a trailer, a van or a truck.

  1. Register yourself as a driver
  2. Receive jobs in your area
  3. Give binding quotes on the specific jobs you like
  4. If your offer wins you receive the full contact information about the customer to do the job
  5. Collect the waste, get paid as agreed and deliver it to an authorised recycling point

How does it work

1 2 3Customers register their jobs on with pictures and detailed description of the assignment. Here you see all relevant information like type of rubbish, floor and if there is a lift in the building, distance to the parking area, and if the customer is willing to help with the carrying.

Once a new assignment is registered in your chosen area then you will immediately receive an email. Simply logg in, evaluate the job and offer a quote if you wish. The customer will evaluate the different offers he receives. Be aware that once you've given a price, you cannot change it and you cannot bid on the same job again.

 Chooses a customer your offer, you will receive their contact information. At this point, and only if you win a quote, Convasti will charge you the handling fee. Contact the customer immediately to arrange pick up of the waste. The customer pays you directly at the time of pick up with the agreed payment method. Once the job is done the customer will evaluate your service and give you a 1-5 star rating.

Your average rating is used to calculate the percentage you pay in a handlig fee to Convasti for future jobs. 

The better service you provide, the higher your rating, and the higher your rating, the less you pay in future jobs! 


It's easy to get started!

  1. Decide on the area you want to work. You can choose as many areas as you wish.
  2. Add photos of your car, van, truck or trailer.
  3. Register the payment card you wish to use for possible handling fees paid to Convasti.    

Remember!  It is free to bid! You pay nothing until you win a job and your card details are safely held by an encription service run by All payments are also handled by Stripe. Convasti has no access to your details.

Sign up as a driver now!

If you need help to register yourself as a driver, give us a call on tlf. 9040 7067

Higher star rating, higher earnings

When a customer accepts a quote from you, you are automatically charged the handling fee. This fee covers Convasti's administration, development, marketing, and the service itself to deliver jobs to your inbox. The fee you pay is a percent of your quoted price (min is 100kr plus VAT) which will vary based on your star rating. Your star rating is dependent on positive feedback from previous customers.

 Handling fees charged to drivers on acceptance of a quote :

New driver (no stars): 25 % to Convasti
1 star*: 25 % to Convasti
2 stars**: 24 % to Convasti
3 stars***: 22 % to Convasti
4 stars****: 20 % to Convasti
5 stars*****: 18 % to Convasti

Example: You offer a quote of 3000kr including mva and you have a rating of 4 stars. When the quote is accepted by the customer you then pay 20% of your quoted price, excluding mva. In this case, 20% of 2400kr. The handling fee is then 480kr excluding mva (120kr).

Drivers need to have received at least 3 customers feedback before the star rating is activated. This is to achieve an average star rating. High ratings on mulitple jobs increase you chance of being chosen as a driver even if your quote isn't the cheapest. Make sure you give reliable, professional service and always remember to ask for a high star rating when you leave your customer.

Convasti always rounds up. If your average star rating sits at 4,1, it will be rounded up to 5 stars.

Waste management

Always remember that once you leave the customer, it you who are responsible for the waste. The waste should be delivered to an authorised collection point. In Norway there are three ways to deliver waste:

1. Waste from private individuals to collection points

As an individual you can deliver waste at a municipal collection or a facility that the municipality has an agreement with. It may be free to deliver it in your area, but some municipalities charge a small fee from private individuals. Remember to take into account any charges you might incur for disposal when you give your quote. It may be of benefit to get the customer to sign a declaration form stating that the waste is private. By showing the declaration at waste collection stations you can pay fees as a private individual - and not as a business. Become familiar with the the rules in your community.

2. Waste from businesses to collection points

As a company you will be required to pay a fee to deliver waste to collection points which is different from that charged to private persons. Check the rates at your local authority.

Register yourself as company

By registering as a company that delivers waste, you can become a customer of Norwegian waste companies. Ask to be registered as a customer (with a discount). Here are some Norwegian waste companies:

  • Norsk Gjenvinning AS
  • Franzefoss Gjenvinning AS
  • Ragn-Sells AS
  • Retura AS
  • Veolia AS
  • Stena Recycling AS
  • BIR

There are also many other companies with waste collection facilities. Check in your area.

Sorting out waste

It pays off to sort out waste before delivering it to collection stations. Wood materials, for example, could be submitted at up to half the price of mixed residual waste, and you can even earn money on many types of rubbish (“pant” in Norwegian).

Reuse and resale

We encourage you to reuse what you can. Perhaps you can sell some of what you have collected? Remember that one persons trash is anothers treasure! If you can sell some of what you collected, you'll earn more on that job. Much can be delievered to charity shops, or sold on a flea markets and thrift shops. Customers are often very happy to know that their things haven't just been thrown away, but have found a new home.

Refund (“Pant” in Norwegian)

You can earn more just by sorting the rubbish and getting paid for scrap. Copper, brass, lead, aluminium, cables, electric motors and acid batteries attract good prices. You can also get money for cardboard, paper and plastic. There may even be more types of waste you can get money for in your area. Independent scrap yards generally offer the best prices for metals.

Illegal dumping

Waste cannot be burnt or dumped in nature or other areas other than an official depot. This is illegal. On suspicion of illegal waste disposal, Convasti will assist the police with necessary information if needed and drivers may be prosecuted.  Remember that Convasti retains the photos and information about collection jobs. We intend to develop a website where the public can report illegal dumping to help stem this blight on our countryside.



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