It used to be a hassle getting rid of oversized rubbish that’s too big for the wheelie bin. Not anymore! Convasti has developed an innovative and user friendly method of getting rid of things you can't just put in the bin. With Convasti you save time and money, while someone does the hard work for you. Moreover, the quality of waste management is increased since we provide manual sorting at the recycling stations or reuse and resale options.

How to clean up quickly and easy

  1. Take pictures and provide information about you, the things you want to get rid of and when you want the job to be done
  2. Submit the job to Convasti and wait for offers from the drivers in your area
  3. Choose the best offer based on the price and previous customer ratings.
  4. Organise the job and payment directly with the driver

It is free to get quotes

There is no charge for you to use Convasti. To register a job and receive quotes is non-binding. You pay only the agreed price, directly to the driver, when the job is done. You choose yourself which offer you accept, and your contact information goes only to that driver, saving you from multiple calls with nagging offers.

It's simple, quick and free to register.

Clean up and try Convasti! Get rid of the junk now!


shutterstock 138474050Almost everything can be collected

In general drivers can pick up all types of waste, however it is up to the drivers themselves to decide which jobs they want to bid on. The most normal types of rubbish include general waste, wood, pressure treated wood, polystyrene, electronic waste, batteries, plaster, insulation, garden waste, old furniture, paint tins, etc.


How to receive many good offers

To get better quotes and attract more drivers, ensure that you take more pictures from various angles of your rubbish and provide as many detailed info of what is to be collected. The easier it is for a driver to understand the job and estimate the price, the better and cheaper the price can be. 

Choose the offer that suits you best

When you receive an offer, you can see the price and the star rating of the driver. Here you can weigh up experience and price. The offer also shows you which payment methods the driver accepts (i.e. card, Vipps, or invoice) as well as the vehicle size and the number of people that will come to remove the waste.


Give feedback

When a job is done, it is important that you give the driver a feedback. Simply choose from 1 to 5 stars depending on how you experienced the service where 5 is the best. This is an important incentive for the drivers to provide a good job since his costs to Convasti go down as the stars increase.


Convasti sorts out and delivers to recycling and collection stations.

Drivers for Convasti are experienced in waste removal and have the knowledge to ensure that as much as possible will go to recycling or gets reused. Using Convasti over conventional methods, such as isekk and dumpster hire means better sorting of materials for recycling and reuse and less rubbish to landfill and incinerations.

shutterstock 92194567

When you have a big job to do, hiring a dumpster or dumpster bag is the traditional method. But this requires planning, coordinating with companies in business hours and finding a spot to park it while you work. Mixed waste that is thrown into bags or dumpsters is never sorted for recycling and goes to incineration or landfill. Containers are often too big for the rubbish to be removed, resulting in you paying for the removal of empty cubic meters. And last but not least, you have to do all the work yourself and theres no option for help if you need it.

Often you'll find that there is plently that can be reused amongst your waste. Convasti drivers are encouraged to deliver useable items to charities and other places for reuse. Some might go to thrift shops or the drivers might use or sell on the goods themselves. If you think you have something that can be reused, write it in the desciption box. You can help the environment, and help drivers to offer a more competitive price at the same time.

That's something we can all cheer about!

Estate clean outs

If you need help to empty a home left by deceased persons, you can simply take photos of each room and list what needs to be collected. If the rooms contain much that is stacked that needs clearing, providing the approximate size of the room as well as photos will help drivers calculate the price more accurately. Drivers can do all the carrying for you and will make sure that useable items find new homes, and rubbish gets sorted properly for recyclables to reduce waste.


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