Convasti has developed an innovative service for getting rid of waste using your mobile -a digital advertising place for customers who want to get rid of bulky waste, and suppliers who can do the manual sorting and transporting it to the recycling stations.

shutterstock 198249584The ordinary waste disposal has sufficient possibilities for those who want to get rid of waste. But what happens if you have bulky things and need to order a container, rent a van or trailer to get rid of it because it does not fit in your own waste bin? This is experienced as both expensive, time consuming and cumbersome. Our solution makes it easier for people to remove garbage in an efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly way while encouraging the social entrepreneurship since people can make money on removal, sorting, recycling and reuse of waste.         

The waste disposal becomes a different experience with!

WIth the use of their mobiles customers upload and send their request via The available drivers see the requests and send their price offers also via! Its is smart, simple, accesible and fast - for both customers and drivers!

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