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Convasti is the smart and easy way to arrange waste pick up with the use of your mobile. Take pictures of everything you want to get rid of. Shortly drivers in your area will send you their offers so as to collect and handle the waste for you at the agreed time and price. It costs nothing to post on Convasti.com. You can have it done in no time with no effort.

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Earn money - Become a driver

Do you have a car and spare time? Earn money as a Convasti driver. We have an increasing amount of customers wanting to get rid of stuff. Make offers, pick up and deliver to waste recycling sites, reuse or resell. As a driver you can earn money helping others clean up. Through Convasti you will regularily receive requests to pick up waste in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the customers:

Do I need to sort out the waste on my own?

No, the driver will do the sorting for you.

Do you accept any kind of waste?

In principle yes, but it is up to every driver to consider what they are willing to collect. The better description you give of your rubbish, the easier it is for the drivers to provide accurate quotes.

What are the accepted payment methods

You pay directly to the driver at pick up. The drivers present their payment options on their offers. VISA, Mastercard and invoices are the most common payment methods. In addition, it is possible to pay via Vipps, PayPal or cash. You pay directly to the driver and nothing to Convasti.

Must I be present when the driver arrives?

No, this is not necessary. You do your arrangements individually with the driver. We recommend to inform the drivers about your collection preferences in the comments box when filling in the form.



For the drivers:

How should I calculate the price I should give to the customer?

Useful factors to consider:

  • Type and quantity of waste based on the pictures and description provided in the job from the customer.
  • Whether the customer helps with the carrying or you need extra people with you.
  • Which floor, if elavator in the building, the distance to the parking.
  • Calculate the total time for the whole job including driving and possible toll costs.
  • What are the costs to deliver the rubbish to the recycling stations.
  • Is there anything you can deliver to Fretex, second hand stores or reuse? Remember there are lots that could be sold or returned for a  refund like copper , brass, aluminium etc.
  • Put yourself in the customers shoes and try to match their expectations with your price. What do you think the customer will consider as a reasonable price to pay?

How do I get paid from the customer?

You are free to offer  the payment solutions you prefer. Common payment methods are Visa, Mastercard and invoices. We recommend having a card terminal (eg. IZettle) to make payment easy and safe for you and the customer, and maybe accept Paypal or Vipps. Remember that the garbage pickup is an agreement between the driver and the customer and payment must be done when the waste is collected. Convasti is just a tender service and is therefore an outside third party in the payment agreement.

How do I know what I should pay in taxes?

You are responsible to report their income to the tax authorities, whether as private income or as a company. Please contact the Tax Administration Office (Skatteetaten) for help. You can always print out the receipts and a statement of the fees you paid to Convasti from our website. Remember to take into accunt the VAT .

How do I calculate VAT to customer and to Convasti?

The price offers given to customer always include VAT. Always take into account the fees and the VAT payed to Convasti should you win the bid. The fees to Convasti are presented excluding VAT.

Calculation model for the fees to Convasti AS

Bid price given by the driver to the customer. This is the final price and includes VAT  2000,-
Where from VAT (25%)
Bid price exl.VAT. This is the amount where Convasti calculates its transactionsfees = 1600,-
Transaction fees to Convasti exl. VAT i.e. 20%  320,-
Where form VAT which shall be added to the transaction fees of the driver (25%) + 80
Total amount to be paid to Convasti incl. VAT = 400

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